Wilderness Expedition

This is the ultimate experience for travelers who are looking for a real challange, and an adventure of a life time. A 7-30 day long dog sledding expedition. You have to expect everything: long days, darkness, cold temeratures, hard physical work, and hours in the tent - waiting for the storm to calm down. However, you should also expect northernlights dancing over the sky, sunny warm spring days, great mountain terrain, wildlife, and good conditions with happy dogs in front of the sleds.

It is NOT easy, but EVERYONE can do it!

Most nights will be spent in the tent or under the open sky, but every now and then we'll step by a mountain cabin to sleep and rest.

Everything depends on the time of the year, the weather and the conditions. Some days will be hard, and some days will be simple. You will come back as a much more experienced person, with memories that will stay with you for ever.

Duration:     7-30 days (+)
Price:            From 21250NOK

Included:        Food, accommodation, clothing,

                           transport from Bardufoss/Tromsø
Group size: 1-2
Season:       Dec to April

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