Wilderness Expedition


Duration: 7-31 days

Included: *All included

Price: From 19 700 NOK

Group size:1-2

Season: All year around

This expedition will

take you deep into the wilderness, where you will get to test your own limits. Winter expedition will use a dogsled or skis as transport, while in the summer we hike on foot with pack dogs or use canoes. We’ll design the perfect expedition together. You’ll be surprised by what is possible.









We will travel far and for a long time. Deep into the Northern Norwegian and Scandinavian wilderness. It might be weeks between the times we see any other people, and we’ll need to fish and hunt to keep ourselves from going hungry. Would you do it?

This is a hard adventure, which demand the participant to be in a good shape, both physically and mentally, and require some previous experience. It will be physically demanding, with heavy backpacks and hard work. Everything is included, from the moment we pick you up at an agreed location to the moment we bring you back. We will also provide you with appropriate clothes (see personal pack list), and ensure that you are able to complete.


It’s not only hard work and suffering. There will also be days of relaxation, as you enjoy self-caught food, and spectacular views of stunning wilderness. To transport us into and through the rough nature, we will use sled dogs in the winter and canoes or hike on foot, alongside pack dogs, in the summer.


For accommodations we will usually have tents or the open sky to sleep under, but now and then we might stop by a mountain cabin in the passing. We’ll use one or two canoes/sleds to help transport us out into the wilderness, and will cook and eat together. Our experienced guide will lead you safely across the mountains. The food will be different kinds of expedition food, along with self-caught fish and game. You’ll also get a broad insight into local history, culture and traditions, and the faithful Greenland dogs will join our tours every day.



Remember to specify any allergies, your physical health, the number of participants, days, date and any personal preferences in your request.


The price depends on the trip’s duration and the number of guests.

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Although everything is included, there are some things that the guests need to be bring themselves:

  • Sunglasses

  • Woollen underwear (preferably 100% wool)

  • Wool or fleece sweater

  • Camera

  • Sunscreen

  • Spare clothes

  • A small backpack

  • Hiking shoes (during the summer)

  • Other personal necessities



There is a certain degree of risk associated with all our trips. We operate in an Arctic climate and work in contact with animals. We reserve the right to make changes to the program, should it be necessary due to weather or other conditions. All our guests should keep in mind that they are participating on the tours at their own risk. We are not accountable for any damages to your person or belongings during your stay. Our guests are required to sign an agreement regarding this before the trip begins.

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