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Please note that all guests are welcome, no matter how you are traveling!


We know that tourism is responsible for great emmisions of greenhouse gasses and therefore has a major impact on our global climate. We want our tours to be sustainable, ecofriendly and based on local ressources and we are consistently working to improve this part of our vision. But still you need to transport yourself to our destiantion.

Traveling in a way that relaeses as few climate gasses as possible can be time consuming, expensive and complicated. We understand that this kind of traveling is not the first choice for everyone. However, we would not only like to strike a blow for alternative transportation, but litterally make a contribution to you and the environment.


Trapper's Farm offers you Resposible Travel Discount of 10% of the original price on all our products lasting more than one day under the circumstance that you travel to our destination without using airplane or cruise ship. Recieving this discount is easy. You only need to show us your traveling plan and get it approved.


We offer pick up from Narvik wich is the northern most train connection traveling through Sweden. Train and bus is considered a slow way of traveling. That gives you time to relax and take a look at the breathtaking scandinavian landscape passing by. If you are engaged with this concept but find it challenging to plan your journey, we would be happy to help you. There are also other travel routes possible.


The Arctic Circle Train is a 20 hour long journey from Stockholm (Sweden) to Narvik (Norway). This locomotive will take through a magical travel along the Scandinavian peninsula, and the travel is a great experience in itself. You can order a sleeping cabin or regular seats and watch the landscape slowly change from lush forest to alpine mountains. A fantastic way to slowly adapt to the wild adventures ahead of you, and a nice way to calm down and let the  impression sink in afterwards. You go to sleep in your cozy little train cabin and wake up to a snowy landscape far north. Maybe you'll see northern lights dancing over the sky or some wildlife on the way. Who knows what's awaits you...

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