Hiking with pack-dogs is a grate way to get around in the wild. Our pack dogs can carry up to 20kg on their back, meaning that we humans do not need to carry so much. The dogs love it. For 7-30 days we will walk through great mountain areas, deep forests and over the tundra. If we come by a nice place that we like, we may stop and stay for a few days. We'll bring food for the whole trip, but we will also go fishing and maybe hunting or berry picking to supply the meals.

We know the area and the good spots. Bring your friends or your family. We'll adjust the tour according to the group.

Duration:     7-30 days (+)
Price:            From 14025NOK

Included:        Food, accommodation, clothing,

                           transport from Bardufoss/Tromsø
Group size: 1-6(+)
Season:       June to October

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