Trapper's Farm

Kjell-Harald Myrseth, manager and guide

Trapper’s Farm was established on the 5th of February, 2018, by Kjell-Harald Myrseth (1992), a Northern Norwegian adventurer and freelance journalist. He has experience from countless expeditions and trips across the Norwegian wilderness, Scandinavia and Svalbard. He has regularly articles published in several of Norway’s biggest outdoors magazines. And he is also the guitarist and vocalist of the Northern Norwegian folk rock band “Rekved”.


Kjell-Harald grew up on the family farm a few kilometres outside of Øverbygd, a small village a couple of hours outside of Tromsø. He learned how to hunt, fish and how to survive in the wild at a young age, as he spent most of his time outdoors.


Trapper’s Farm uses the area around Fjellfroskvatnet and Indre-Troms, which we know very well. We have a unique kind of local knowledge and awareness of our surroundings that it is hard to come across anywhere else.

Trapper’s Farm – Location and facilities.

Trapper’s Farm is located a few kilometres outside of Øverbygd, two hours from Tromsø. The guide and guests live together in a cozy red and white  house on Myrseth Farm. The house has modern facilities (you can both cook and shower) and just down the hill is the dog yard, where we keep our enthusiastic Greenland dogs.


We aim to develop a sustainable, eco-friendly and self-sufficient company, which spread knowledge and experiences of our life to our guests. We will always work hard to take care of and benefit from the local environment and society. We develop and stage all products in a sustainable way, maintain paths, trails and established camps, take care of and communicate local history and traditions, along with using traditional and local food. One of our most important task is interacting and cooperating with the local society.

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